Top 10 Rakhis You Can Send to Your Brother in India – Celebrate Rakhi 2023 with Beautiful Bonds


Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is a cherished festival that celebrates the eternal bond between brothers and sisters. This joyous occasion is marked by the exchange of Rakhis, a sacred thread that symbolizes the love, protection, and affection between siblings. If you’re unable to celebrate Rakhi in person with your brother in India, don’t worry! We’ve curated a list of the top 10 Rakhis that you can send to India to make this Rakhi 2023 a memorable one. From traditional to trendy, these Rakhis will convey your love and blessings to your brother, bridging the distance between your hearts. If you want to know when is rakhi 2023? It’s on 30th August.

1. Traditional Kundan Rakhi: A Royal Delight

Kundan Rakhis are known for their exquisite beauty and craftsmanship. These Rakhis are adorned with colorful Kundan stones, intricate designs, and often feature a central embellishment. Send a stunning Kundan Rakhi to India to add a touch of royalty to his wrist and make him feel cherished.

2. Pearl Rakhi: Classic Elegance

Pearl Rakhis are timeless and symbolize purity, love, and prosperity. These Rakhis feature lustrous pearls delicately woven into intricate patterns. Choose a Pearl Rakhi for your brother in India to express your affection and appreciation for him in a sophisticated and elegant manner.

3. Rudraksha Rakhi: Blessings and Protection

Rudraksha Rakhis are highly revered and believed to bring positive energy, protection, and good luck. These Rakhis feature sacred Rudraksha beads combined with colorful threads and decorative elements. Sending a Rudraksha Rakhi to your brother in India is a beautiful way to wish him well-being and divine blessings.

4. Cartoon Character Rakhi: Delight Your Younger Brother

If you have a younger brother, surprise him with a Cartoon Character Rakhi featuring his favorite superhero, cartoon character, or animated movie theme. These Rakhis are vibrant, playful, and perfect for creating a joyous and nostalgic atmosphere on Rakhi 2023.

5. Zardosi Rakhi: Embroidered Elegance

Zardosi Rakhis are intricately embroidered using metallic threads, sequins, and beads. These Rakhis showcase fine craftsmanship and are often adorned with colorful motifs and designs. Sending a Zardosi Rakhi to your brother in India is a wonderful way to celebrate the festival with elegance and style.

6. Om Rakhi: Spiritual Significance

Om Rakhis hold immense spiritual significance. The symbol “Om” represents the divine and is considered sacred in Hinduism. These Rakhis feature the Om symbol crafted beautifully with auspicious threads. By sending an Om Rakhi to your brother in India, you express your wishes for his well-being, spirituality, and prosperity.

7. Silver Rakhi: Precious Metal, Precious Bond

Silver Rakhis are crafted using pure silver and often feature intricate designs and patterns. These Rakhis symbolize purity, strength, and long-lasting relationships. Choose a Silver Rakhi to send to your brother in India, and let him know that your bond is as precious as the metal itself.

8. Beaded Rakhi: Vibrant and Colorful

Beaded Rakhis are known for their vibrant colors and unique designs. These Rakhis feature a variety of beads, including glass, crystal, or wooden beads, strung together in creative patterns. Send a Beaded Rakhi to your brother in India to add a pop of color and liveliness to his wrist.

9. Designer Rakhi: Stylish and Trendy

Designer Rakhis are a blend of creativity and craftsmanship. These Rakhis often feature unconventional materials, intricate weaves, and contemporary designs. Choose a Designer Rakhi that matches your brother’s personality and style, and make him feel special on Rakhi 2023.

10. Lumba Rakhi: Celebrate the Bond with Bhabhi

Lumba Rakhis are traditionally tied to the wrists of sisters-in-law (bhabhis). These Rakhis symbolize the bond between sisters-in-law and are usually intricately designed with threads, beads, and embellishments. Send a Lumba Rakhi along with a Rakhi for your brother to express your love and affection for both of them.


Even if you cannot be physically present with your brother in India on Rakhi 2023, you can still celebrate this beautiful festival by sending a special Rakhi that reflects your love, blessings, and appreciation. From traditional Rakhis like Kundan and Pearl to trendy options like Cartoon Character and Designer Rakhis, there’s a wide range of choices available to suit every brother’s taste and preferences. Embrace the convenience of sending Rakhis to India online and make this Rakhi a memorable one by choosing the perfect Rakhi that symbolizes your unique bond.

Employee Onboarding and Training

A high-quality employee onboarding process is among the most crucial aspects you can achieve to improve your business. Your new employees need to feel comfortable and welcome from the moment they step into the office. You must give them an outstanding impression of your company and make them feel important. For many employees who are new it is essential to make them feel that they have a clearly defined job description and clear career direction.

And, not only that, an effective onboarding program can make a huge difference in retention rates as well as your earnings. It can also increase the productivity of employees and boost morale. You also save money and time since you don’t need to replace employees on a regular basis.

A successful onboarding process starts with careful plan. You can’t just simply wing it when you are training new employees. Making sure you have planned your training and processes to deal with new employees is essential.

Before you begin hiring new employees, make a list of what they should know and how to impart the information. This will help you to manage your time. You won’t be needing to search for things to do as you try to manage your own tasks.

You can also make an onboarding checklist to use for yourself as well as one for the new employees. This will allow you to quickly decide what to do next, and to see the clear the progress made and mark the things they’ve learned. It’s a great way to motivate both sides. Better if you’ve got training software that supports the use of gamification. New employees can check off the modules they’ve completed as they complete their work, then see what’s coming next, win rewards and much more.

After you have your training for onboarding prepared and you are ready to use the calendar you have created to map your training and ensure its success.

1. Create a dedicated onboarding calendar

A lot of calendar applications permit you to create multiple calendars. For instance you can create one calendar for onboarding training, and show the entire program.

This gives you and your new employees to view your full calendar with all of your appointments and tasks, and also to view the training schedule that is on your own calendar whenever you want to.

It is beneficial to have two perspectives. When you view the calendar in the main view, you will be able to ensure that there aren’t any conflicts and you have the timing to go to training sessions. Also, with the calendar for onboarding you will be able to clearly see the program and what’s following.

2. Make sure you share your calendars

You can collaborate more effectively with the help of posting your schedules. Your new employee may have additional items scheduled on their calendars in addition to the onboarding program. For instance, they could have had medical appointments or a vacation that was booked prior to the time they were offered the job. Then there’s the job they’ll be expected to participate in.

If you and your spouse share calendars, you’ll be able to be more flexible and swiftly rearrange your schedule when something else happens. Additionally, the new employee will be able to view the times you’re available, and they can make a reservation if they require assistance.

Inviting the new staff to get started with a regular use of calendars and share with others is a good habit to follow to ensure their calendars are always available.

3. Set up your to-do list

If you aren’t working solely for employee onboarding, you’ll be juggling other tasks to fill your time. If you’re juggling your time between boarding new employees and the daily tasks being organized is vital. You can create a task/to-do-list and note notes on various calendars to keep track of your time.

This allows you to balance your job with task of onboarding. This also lets you know ahead of time of when you’re likely to be a busy week that will require more organisation and preparation.

Another advantage of adding your list of tasks on your calendar is knowing the progress you’ve made. Noting completed tasks provides the feeling of dopamine , and is extremely motivating.

4. Utilize time-blocking to make sure you complete everything

If you are trying to master anything new it might be more effective to dedicate an entire time with it instead of bouncing around in multiple sessions. The practice of time-blocking is a great way to make it easier.

But, time blocking requires breaking your week into smaller blocks to accomplish specific tasks. This is a fantastic method to integrate your list of tasks and your calendar. This is a great strategy to make sure you take onboarding classes and your usual activities and meetings.

You can decide what is most effectively for you using many possibilities and strategies. For instance, time blocking is a great tool to organize your life.

5. Set reminders

One of the great things with using a calendar as well as list of tasks are that it allows you to create reminders to help you stay on the right track.

When you’re setting up the onboarding schedule, be sure that you include reminders in places where it’s beneficial. This will ensure that you don’t skip any important meetings, tasks and your trainers.

When you’re working at work, it’s not uncommon to forget breaks and lunches. By putting reminders in place, you will ensure that you get a break whenever you’re supposed to. It will also ensure the opportunity to not put yourself in a position to burn out.

6. Integrate with Trello

Certain calendars are integrated with Trello an easy but efficient project management tool.

You can add tasks processes, and checklists to Trello. It’s useful to break down larger jobs into smaller manageable tasks. You can tick them off once you’re finished that can encourage you and your students.

Another great feature of Trello is that it allows you to organize your boards and processes using templates. When you require it again, simply copy the template, change the name and you’re all set to go.

Incorporating this option into your calendar will aid in managing your training more effectively. It is also possible to add teammates and collaborate on tasks in tandem, helping your students.

7. Bear in mind remote working

A lot of companies have now allowed remote work due to the widespread disease that should be considered. Additionally, you could be training in-office employees and remote workers on how to take them on.

It’s crucial that onboarding training is based on your company’s standards and culture, but it’s especially important that remote employees feel a part of the company.

Of course, you’ll have organize your calendar and timetable so that you can be on the same page with all your guests, regardless of whether they are remote. As well as planning meetings and tasks it is important to think about the technology you require such as Zoom, cameras, and many more. Make sure you organize your technology with enough time to prepare every meeting to make sure it’s successful.

8. Begin with a welcome packet

When you are aware of the start date of your next employee you can add a task and reminder to your calendar. You can then send them a welcoming email several days before they begin. It’s possible to save time by creating the template in case you’ll require it more than once. You can then create it, save it, and press send when you need to.

If they’re in-house Include the essential information your new employee should be aware of. Add directions to the location, park details as well as a map of the building that is marked by their office or the area they work in. Include places where they can locate vending machines, or kitchens for drinks and snacks. Include local stores like bakery stores or sandwich shops for food.

You’re putting them off in the right direction before they’ve even left the door. They will be grateful.

Don’t forget to remind your remote employees here. They’ll be grateful for a warm, friendly email that includes helpful information about starting time and expectations.

9. Utilize your data

A lot of calendars offer amazing analytics. Office 365, for example has MyAnalytics that provides data about various events and tasks. For instance, you could track how many meetings you’ve held and what you do with your time.

This is beneficial as it provides the overall picture of your onboarding instruction. You can determine whether you’re providing balanced training or if you’re leaning too much towards one particular area. You can determine if you’ve covered everything, or if you have any missing areas.

Analytics on your calendar are also helpful in boosting your general efficiency. You’ll be able to make sure you have time to work on your own work and also fit in onboarding.

10. Review your onboarding routinely

Make use of your calendar to plan subsequent meetings with employees to receive feedback on the onboarding process.

Every year, you should dialize the time at minimum to go over your onboarding process, review feedback and consider ways you can improve your performance.

Since quality onboarding is so essential for any business it is essential to be organized and up to date. A good calendar application can assist you in delivering onboarding effectively and improve.

Paws Of Fury: The Legend Of Hank Movie Review

Paws of Fury the Legend of Hank Story: A criminal high-ranking official from the feudal Japanese feline realm, Ika Chu, wants to erase the village of Kakamucho out of the world in order to make his palace appear ideal for the Shogun’s (Commander-in-Chief) appearance. When the village’s samurai escapes as Ika Chu dispatches his bandits to perform their job, residents insist that the shogun be appointed the new protector. In order to ensure that residents quit, Ika Chu makes a canine prisoner, Hank, the new Samurai. In pursuit of the dream of becoming an samurai one day, Hank has to not just make the savage cats appear, but also help save the town.

Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank Review: The animated comic adventure takes its premise from the 1974 Mel Brooks Western comedy The Blazing Saddles and the title is originates from the film of Bruce Lee, Fist of Fury. In place of being set in the Old West, the setting is an Japanese feline world where a sly feline, Ika Chu (Ricky Gervais) is determined to eradicate the impoverished village of Kakamucho in order to impress the shogun visiting (Mel Brooks) with his stunning palace. The idea behind his plan is sending bandits in to drive away the inhabitants and then use a massive Jade Toilet (yes!) to clean the place. When the thugs attack the town, the samurai runs to protect his life. The shogun commands Ika Chu to select the new protector. the new protector is made a bully and unhappy prisoner dog Hank (Michael Cera) who dreams of become an Samurai.

This is the issue. The Kakamucho cats hate dogs because it’s right and they terrorize the down-on-his-luck pet. However, Hank is determined and persuades an alcoholic cat-nip addict Samurai, Jimbo (Samuel L Jackson) to help him train. The next chapter of Hank’s journey is his training that earns the trust of the cats. There is there is a dispute between the student and master duo and whether or not the dog is able in saving Kakamucho.

A loosely based adaptation of Blazing Saddles the film is a stale screenplay that is too stale. It immediately reminds you to Kung Fu Panda without the genuine humor. The jokes in this comic-based animated story seem forced. Ika Chu is mistakenly named Pikachu Horses have GPS (or Giddy-up) Positioning System and walking or woking the dog is to hit the dog with the wok. The movie’s attempts to break the fourth wall, and the self-references, and an apparent reference to other pop-culture media are what make the story seem more elaborate. Jimbo tells the cat Emiko (Kylie Kuioka)”The cuteness is evident in this film The cuteness is strong with this one,’ Ika Chu wants to attract studio executives as well as serial killers (including Jason Voorhees from the Friday 13th) to join his ranks. It’s that the creators were aware of the clichés but chose to have fun without a dime.

Cera and Jackson as the lead characters both are amazing. Ricky Gervais as the antagonist, Ika Chu, stands out for his snarky tone and arrogance. Being able to cast Mel Brooks as the elderly Shogun is a tribute some sort. The humor about toilets is too much with the massive commode cats slithering, pranksters switching the signboard’s colour between poop and pop and on and on.

The animation is pretty good and especially when Jimbo starts to flash back about his time as a slender, overweight recluse, and also during the sequences that involve martial arts. Kids will enjoy the film and might even enjoy the slapstick humor, but adults won’t be missing much in the event that they miss this film.

Laal Singh Chaddha Review

Story:Slow-witted yet an unstoppable optimist Laal Singh Chaddha (Aamir Khan) wanders around life contemplating what should you do? Should you create your own path or just float around like a bird, following wherever life leads you? Do you think life is a matter of possibilities, or a matter of luck or a symphony of both? Produced by Advait Chandan The film is an Hindi remake from Robert Zemeckis’ 1994 Oscar winning film , ‘Forrest Gump’ with Tom Hanks.

Review:Laal Singh Chaddha verbalises Forrest Gump’s thoughts on love, life, morality, and fate. The original film conveyed ideas best in a calm simple, non-verbal way The film ups the intensity and tone little. The film favors speech over silent tears, so you can expect to see a spry Aamir Khan who is able to deliver lots of Punjabi accents, accompanied by his body language and enthusiasm. The pace of the film more intense, as if it were an expensive Hindi feature film , yet it maintains the essence of the originalan enchanting Disney type fairy-tale, without the luxuries of magic, but a deep belief in the power of miracles. Laal Singh Chaddha (LSC) is the one who narrates the events, but he stays within the Forrest world.

Remaking a classic isn’t an easy task to navigate. The process of remaking Forrest Gump (FG) is much more difficult due to its enigmatic, all-encompassing nonlinear plot, and its profound yet easy way of life and main purpose. You follow a commoner through the world, not looking for answers, but finding them on the way. He shares his story with you when he travels on an excursion by train between Pathankot to Chandigarh His rough childhood, fierce Mother (Mona Singh) and childhood love Rupa (Kareena Kapoor Khan) and a wealth that was not there and wars fought, the friendships created (Naga Chaitanya Akkineni as Bala and Manav Vij as Mohammed) as well as suffering from death and enduring the grief. We don’t know if the remake was needed however it is an extremely difficult move to follow considering the way in which poignant and uplifting the original film is, and you can see exactly how the scenes unfold.

Atul Kulkarni’s screenplay adaptation, similar to its predecessor, blends fact and fiction. He adapts the story with India’s social, political and cultural context , but without being too safe. “Majhab Malaria paida kar sekta hai’ (Religious radicalism can make people feel distant). It’s more than just trading FG’s chocolates for the gol-gappas. For instance, that of the Ram Rath Yatra, Operation Blue Star, Emergency of 1975 or The Kargil War, Bombay bomb blasts in 1993 that were the result of the Hindu-Muslim riots an enlightened enemy, and much further, Atul does his tough job very well. When it comes to words Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics, particularly in the first track “Kahani” (sung in two different versions performed by Mohan Kannan and Sonu Nigam) reflect the essence and character that the movie aims to convey. ‘Zindagi hai jaise baarishon ka pani, aadhi bhar le tu aadhi beh jaane de. Hum Samundar Ka ek katra hai”Ya samandar hai is a phrase which we should live with.

When it comes to Aamir Khan, the man to watch If you follow the path of Aamir Khan’s remarkable career, the films he has chosen to make are mostly influenced by his life’s nuggets as well as his unwavering political views. Zindagi jeene ke do hi tarike hote hain…in Rang De Basanti or him likening life to pani puri in LSC — Zindagi golgappe ki tarah hoti hai. Pait bhale hi bhar jaaye, mann nahi bharata. Despite the boycotting brigade Hanks’ voice is heard via his roles and demonstrates the human rights over religion in this. His determination to perform an iconic role in his 50’s that Hanks was in his late 30’s , is an admirable feat. Although it is evocative in small portions and meticulously executed, he is to make it too difficult and the end result is bit more. The constant pauses, de-aging and ‘hmms’ are more like interruptions. He’s too busy with his own life to make connections with his peers. It is important for him to let go of the character overspread and be more straightforward which is something Kareena is able to do. She’s incredibly at ease as Rupa also known as Forrest’s Jenny. She evokes the look of an emotional Geet and a wiser versions of Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine weaving all of it together, striking the right notes and striking the perfect balance between participation and detachment. Mona Singh exudes just the perfect amount of confidence and affection in her portrayal. But, the actor who makes you feel the most will be Manav Vij (remember Lieutenant Dan?). Manav Vij is the actor who can get the character of Forrest Gump right.

Filmed extensively throughout India also amazing and cathartic”Tur Kalleyan” brings life to the film. Director Advait Chandan steps into Rajkumar’s charming, humorous and compelling space of satire and has a good time. He has produced a faithful but long-winded adaptation (2 hours and 40 minutes) which is a smart observation of India’s political landscape. The film might not be as fluidly moving or as immersive as the original , but it will leave you wanting to watch it with your loved ones. In a world of changing cultural trends, LSC holds onto the classic values which make it a worthy choice for an evening out with your family. You’ll remember particularly an unforgettable Shah Rukh Khan cameo and the heart-warming appearance of Kamini Kaushal.