Top 10 Rakhis You Can Send to Your Brother in India – Celebrate Rakhi 2023 with Beautiful Bonds


Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is a cherished festival that celebrates the eternal bond between brothers and sisters. This joyous occasion is marked by the exchange of Rakhis, a sacred thread that symbolizes the love, protection, and affection between siblings. If you’re unable to celebrate Rakhi in person with your brother in India, don’t worry! We’ve curated a list of the top 10 Rakhis that you can send to India to make this Rakhi 2023 a memorable one. From traditional to trendy, these Rakhis will convey your love and blessings to your brother, bridging the distance between your hearts. If you want to know when is rakhi 2023? It’s on 30th August.

1. Traditional Kundan Rakhi: A Royal Delight

Kundan Rakhis are known for their exquisite beauty and craftsmanship. These Rakhis are adorned with colorful Kundan stones, intricate designs, and often feature a central embellishment. Send a stunning Kundan Rakhi to India to add a touch of royalty to his wrist and make him feel cherished.

2. Pearl Rakhi: Classic Elegance

Pearl Rakhis are timeless and symbolize purity, love, and prosperity. These Rakhis feature lustrous pearls delicately woven into intricate patterns. Choose a Pearl Rakhi for your brother in India to express your affection and appreciation for him in a sophisticated and elegant manner.

3. Rudraksha Rakhi: Blessings and Protection

Rudraksha Rakhis are highly revered and believed to bring positive energy, protection, and good luck. These Rakhis feature sacred Rudraksha beads combined with colorful threads and decorative elements. Sending a Rudraksha Rakhi to your brother in India is a beautiful way to wish him well-being and divine blessings.

4. Cartoon Character Rakhi: Delight Your Younger Brother

If you have a younger brother, surprise him with a Cartoon Character Rakhi featuring his favorite superhero, cartoon character, or animated movie theme. These Rakhis are vibrant, playful, and perfect for creating a joyous and nostalgic atmosphere on Rakhi 2023.

5. Zardosi Rakhi: Embroidered Elegance

Zardosi Rakhis are intricately embroidered using metallic threads, sequins, and beads. These Rakhis showcase fine craftsmanship and are often adorned with colorful motifs and designs. Sending a Zardosi Rakhi to your brother in India is a wonderful way to celebrate the festival with elegance and style.

6. Om Rakhi: Spiritual Significance

Om Rakhis hold immense spiritual significance. The symbol “Om” represents the divine and is considered sacred in Hinduism. These Rakhis feature the Om symbol crafted beautifully with auspicious threads. By sending an Om Rakhi to your brother in India, you express your wishes for his well-being, spirituality, and prosperity.

7. Silver Rakhi: Precious Metal, Precious Bond

Silver Rakhis are crafted using pure silver and often feature intricate designs and patterns. These Rakhis symbolize purity, strength, and long-lasting relationships. Choose a Silver Rakhi to send to your brother in India, and let him know that your bond is as precious as the metal itself.

8. Beaded Rakhi: Vibrant and Colorful

Beaded Rakhis are known for their vibrant colors and unique designs. These Rakhis feature a variety of beads, including glass, crystal, or wooden beads, strung together in creative patterns. Send a Beaded Rakhi to your brother in India to add a pop of color and liveliness to his wrist.

9. Designer Rakhi: Stylish and Trendy

Designer Rakhis are a blend of creativity and craftsmanship. These Rakhis often feature unconventional materials, intricate weaves, and contemporary designs. Choose a Designer Rakhi that matches your brother’s personality and style, and make him feel special on Rakhi 2023.

10. Lumba Rakhi: Celebrate the Bond with Bhabhi

Lumba Rakhis are traditionally tied to the wrists of sisters-in-law (bhabhis). These Rakhis symbolize the bond between sisters-in-law and are usually intricately designed with threads, beads, and embellishments. Send a Lumba Rakhi along with a Rakhi for your brother to express your love and affection for both of them.


Even if you cannot be physically present with your brother in India on Rakhi 2023, you can still celebrate this beautiful festival by sending a special Rakhi that reflects your love, blessings, and appreciation. From traditional Rakhis like Kundan and Pearl to trendy options like Cartoon Character and Designer Rakhis, there’s a wide range of choices available to suit every brother’s taste and preferences. Embrace the convenience of sending Rakhis to India online and make this Rakhi a memorable one by choosing the perfect Rakhi that symbolizes your unique bond.

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