Haryana Movie Review

The Story: Mahender, Jaibeer as well as Jugnu Three brothers living in a village located in Haryana. Mahender, the oldest brother has the role of father, who is the one who takes care of all the members of the family. His younger brother Jaibeer has enrolled in a university at Hisar He is also a college student, and Jugnu is the youngest and most lavish of the group. It follows the three when they are in love, and what it means for each.

Review The audience is received with a typical view from the North Indian state: a wide shot of a misty river and lush greenery. It is followed by a raucous wedding that features noisy louts, dancing and drinking themselves to the point of losing their minds. In between, we’re presented to Mahender (Yash Tonk) who is a straightforward but a gentleman who is the family patriarch and the oldest of three brothers.

Mahender doesn’t have time for romance as he tends to the company and makes sure that his younger brothers are taken care of for. When he finally makes the decision to marry and his bride-to-be Bimla (Ashlesha Sawant) will make him realize that she doesn’t know what the word “love” means. Jaibeer (Robbie Mairh) is uncomfortable to tell Vasudha (Monika Sharma) the way he feels about her since his physical disability is a problem, and an avid film buff, Jugnu (Aakarshan Singh) is truly loving Alia Bhatt! The film revolves around the twist of events that each love story takes them to.

The actor from the television show Sandeep Baswana makes his directorial debut in this film. As the first captain of the vessel, he displays the potential. The concept of how different the love stories of the brothers are is an interesting idea. However, combining politics, casteism as well as culture shock and other elements make the film appear to be all over the place. The unfocused screenplay and nearly three hours in length result in a dead-joy. The narrative becomes too long and becomes boring after a certain point. The film earns points for cinematography.

The quirks of the village bumpkins have been well-portrayed and a boy’s job is to switch the tube light off and on for effects of disco lights. Jugnu is accompanied by bananas and apples for a proposal to Alia. The three actorsthree actors namely Yash, Robbie and Aakarshan have a great performance. Ashlesha Sawant as a shy and easy, but smart and unique girl is a delight. Although Jugnu’s track is most enjoyable, mostly due to his three buddies and their hilarious antics but the middle brother’s story of love is more captivating. Jaibeer is a passionate person who takes a rash step because of unrequited love, and then tries to rectify the wrong. The ease at the resolution of conflicts (something that is as complex as the caste-based violence that is perpetrated on loved ones and Mahender the good guy getting elected) causes the film to drift off the track.

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