Atrangi Re Movie Review

Film: Rinku Sooryavanshi (Sara Ali Khan) is married to V Venkatesh Vishwanath Iyer, also known as Vishu (Dhanush) (Dhanush), an advanced medical school student in Tamil Nadu, at the direction by the bride’s Naani (Seema Biswas). But, she’s in love, and a bit obsessive, over Sajjad Khan (Akshay Kumar) who is magician. The story of the two characters unfolds slowly and takes unexpected twists in the process. Review: The film takes off quickly, with Rinku running away in pursuit by a handful of men. However, she’s not being a damsel in distress is a feisty, confident and determined girl who isn’t going to give up quickly.

Although Rinku’s tyrannical aunties and grandparents demand to find out the name of the man she’s contemplating a wedding for many years, she’s not ready to divulge his name now. Dismayed by her rudeness and insolence, the naani orders her uncles to take (read “abduct”) any unidentified person from outside the town and have Rinku married to him immediately and cease as a burden on the family.

Vishu is set to be getting married to Mandy who is also known as Mandakini (Dimple Hayathi) and who is also the college dean he works for. But , it transpires, he discovers himself forced to marry Rinku instead. Sara and Dhanush have an intriguing relationship that, isn’t the most obvious on the scene, still enlivens the screen.

The director Aanand L Rai and his writer Himanshu Sharma (story, screenplay and dialogues) have created novel that centers around two protagonists who are polar from each other and unlikely to be able to meet in normal situations or even real life. Rai is a bit off the beaten track and presents a brand new previously unexplored and unexplored conflict in the form of a love story. In the same way Rai conveys the flavor of the locales the story travels to, and also gives each one an individual appeal. The beginning is easy and, even though there’s some hint of what could take place in the first part with Vishnu’s ally Madhsudhan, (Ashish Verma) There’s a lot that’s lost in in the second part. In the end, the story becomes repetitive and a bit boring in the second part, which makes you wonder what the next step is.

The idea at hand is unique and complicated, and isn’t simple to convey in cinema without a lot of difficulty, and that’s where the story’s storytelling suffers. However, the best part is that, in the majority of instances, the goal was to keep the theme of humor and humour intact. The film also tackles the issue of mental health without getting into the subject excessively.

Himanshu’s lyrics could be sharper, more enunciated and more efficient. The songs aren’t too jarring or distracting in the narrative , and they move the story to the next level. Also, Rai makes up for it with an intriguing twist at the end that will be a surprise to you, as with many of his tales.

Dhanush performs a remarkably diverse performance that effectively communicates the numerous emotions his character Vishu is experiencing at various scenes throughout the movie. When he’s expresses his anger and dismay at being kidnapped or expressing his passion for Rinku or the despair that he displays when he fears that he’ll lose his beloved to a different man Dhanush is on top form through.

Sara Ali Khan puts her wholeheartedly into her role as Rinku and she delivers her performance with a swagger and a fervent conviction. There are moments in the film, especially in emotional scenes, a level of restraint could have enhanced her performance.

As magician Sajjad, Akshay Kumar gets only a small role, but his character is a major part of the plot. Akshay Kumar is featured in one of the best scenes in the film, when Akshay Kumar performs a daredevil stunt as a “man on fire’. Literally.

Ashish Verma, playing Vishnu’s close friend Madhusudhan provides great support and consistently brings in an enjoyable dose of humor.

Nitin Zihani’s production design provides a vibrant and rich style to the film which begins at Sivan, Bihar and moves to Delhi and Chennai throughout the narrative. Cinematographer Pankaj Kumar has done a great job at recording the personality of the cities in a distinct way which adds to the style of the film.

AR Rahman once again reaffirms his status as a composer who is unrivalled in the industry of entertainment. As his background score enhances tension, the folk-classical music is a hit and will have you tapping you feet in the beat. Also, credit is due to Irshad Kamil for his versatile lyrics, whether they are songs that are fun such as Chaka Chak, Tera Rang and Little Little or his soulful Tumhe Mohabbat Hai or Rait Zara Si, or the lively Garda which makes an excellent album that you can listen to for hours on end.

Although there are some aspects of the film that will leave you puzzled and wanting more information It’s not to say that the movie doesn’t provide entertainment. There’s an original story with a fascinating team of actors with a fresh soundtrack, and some great performances. If you’re interested in watching an enchanting musical love story This could be the choice for this week.

Raksha Bandhan Movie Review

Raksha Bandhan’s Story: The responsibility for the marriage of four sisters lies with Lala Kedarnath, the eldest and sole brother. The next chapter outlines his tireless efforts to make sure his sisters are got married prior to getting married to Sapna who was his childhood sweetheart. Are he able to fulfill his commitments or is fate having some other ideas for him?
Raksha Bandhan review:The film takes off quickly in the locations that are Chandni Chowk, where Lala Kedarnath (Akshay Kumar) runs a pushtaini Gappa gol (panipuri) shop. He is a popular figure, especially with women who are pregnant and believe that after eating the gol gappas in his shop it is possible that they will be blessed with a newborn boy. In his private life, he’s in the company of four sisters: intelligent as well as sensible Gayatri (Sadia Khateeb), the chubby Durga (Deepika Khanna), the sultry Laxmi (Smrithi Srikanth) and the feisty Saraswati (Sahejmeen Kaur) and of course, his lover, Sapna (Bhumi Pednekar).

Lala has made a promise to his mother at her funeral that she would be married only after he fulfilled his duty of bringing his sisters to suitable homes. Even with his most sincere efforts and diligent screening of every man available however, he’s not able to get his sisters married. However Lala’s love for his sisters hinders his relationship with Sapna.

In the sequel to Atrangi Re! Director Aanand L Rai and writer Himanshu Sharma collaborate again. Kanika Dhillon is the co-writer of this family-oriented tale that is extremely easy to understand and easy to relate to. Rai creates a setting that beautifully depicts the bond between siblings and mutual support. The first part is easy, due to the sisters’ constant teasing and bonding However, the second half is more emotional and turns into an ode to social media. The story gets repetitive and bit boring in the final section, which makes you wonder what the next chapter is going to be. The narrative could have been more compelling and crisper, as well as more effective.

While some of the tracks (by Himesh Reshammiya) are easy to forget, they don’t hinder the story. Like most of his tales, Rai makes up for the lack of a dramatic conclusion and some unexpected moments. Rai also puts his faith in the characters and allows them an opportunity to shine. The issue is that the plot is messy and is often full of ploys that don’t fit well with the plot. They’ve attempted to incorporate humor throughout the story however, it’s usually misplaced.

Akshay has successfully depicted Lala’s numerous emotions in various scenes of the film. When he plays an uncaring brother, or a a committed lover The actor is in top excellent form throughout. Bhumi Pednekar’s character Sapna is a convincing character. However, her chemistry on screen with Akshay Kumar from their last film together was much better.

The four sisters, debutants Sahejmeen Kaur as well as Smrithi Srikanth, as well as Deepika Khanna and Sadia Khateeb, and Deepika Khanna–provide an impressive amount of support and consistently add a dose of humor. Seema Pahwa is a good choice for her role of matchmaker.

“Raksha bandhan” reflects the lives of people who hail from the small town of India and in doing so it is entertaining, especially in the beginning. But the tale of the bondingbetween siblings eventually transforms to a commentary on social issues on Dowry, which occupies the majority of the screen time in the 110-minute film. The highly emotional drama will not let you down however, it also had the possibility of being a more enjoyable experience.